Using WAMP with SkyDrive storage

With the new for Windows, you can do much more than you thought! .
If you are a web developer and you are using on your Windows box, you can now share your code – as you develop – with your team players.
Note: If you are using source control like SVN or git, this solution is not for you! (hopefully some day WL team will provide TFS integration with our private cloud — ultimate dream of developers that is..) This method would only save the effort of recurrently zipping and sending project via email.
Follow these steps:
  1. Install the SkyDrive app from and sign-in using Windows Live ID.
  2. Make a folder (say www_sky) in SkyDrive (C:\Users\<your-username>\SkyDrive).
  3. Open cmd as Administrator.
    • Tip (using keyboard): press Start > type cmd > press Ctrl+Shift+Enter. To close UAC dialog, press Alt+Y on Windows 7 or press Alt+C on Windows Vista.
  4. If you have installed WAMP in the default directory (C:\wamp), copy-paste the following command and replace <your-username> in elevated command prompt to create the symbolic link. Otherwise you need to change the WAMP location (C:\wamp\www\skydrive) to your WAMP installation directory as well in the following command:

    mklink /d C:\wamp\www\skydrive C:\Users\<your-username>\SkyDrive\www_sky
    • Tip (using keyboard): To quickly copy-paste in command prompt, press Ctrl+C to copy from webpage > press Alt+Space+E+P to paste in cmd.
  5. Now, run WAMP server you can navigate to http://localhost:<port#>/skydrive/.
PS, To share the contents of the folder with someone, you do it via This is a little snag compared to “keeping it simple”/“all in one place” approach! Hopefully Windows Live team will ship the sharing feature with next wave of app.
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2 Responses to Using WAMP with SkyDrive storage

  1. annaliza says:

    help to stall you can take all

  2. Very nice and easy! I was trying to do something like that with no results, and then… It works perfectly!

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